Tightcannon - Freeware Software written by Mike Fletcher

Freeware Programs

All the Applications on this site were written by me and all are Freeware.

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Quiz Menu

QuizMenu has been very popular with serious quizzers.

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Calorie Counting

Make your food choices from the provided lists.

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Reminders is an easy to use program to set future and same day reminders.

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Recommended Programs

A few Freeware programs recommended by myself.

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Music Bee

Great Program for organising your music.




A very useful compromise between Calculator and Spreadsheet.



Find and Run Robot

A Program that does just what it says and does it very well.


Belcher’s Rants

Thoughts Of The Day

Work and Health"A lifetime of heavy physical work has left me with two damaged knees that make quick movement impossible. I’ve had to buy a lidded pail from the local Wilkinson’s store, which is placed at the bottom of the stairs for the times when I can’t make it up to the bathroom. There was a time when I didn’t have a pot to piss in – so I suppose this is progress really."
Computer Program Help Users"Program Users can basically be divided into two Groups. Those who believe that they are so clever that they don’t need to look at the Help Pages and the more modest ones who know that they should but don’t anyway."
Democracy really works"General Election time in the UK is when a couple of million floating voters are quite content that their votes will not get them the Government they want as long as they can prevent many millions more from getting their choice."

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