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Latest Freeware program is SimplesCalendar 2.0
As its name suggests, a very easy to use Calendar that provides needed information at the click of a Mouse.

User entered information can be quickly filtered by Days, Weeks, Months and Years. Also, by selected date and current day.

Filtered information can be saved to file and re-loaded if required.

Added to this Version 2,0

The Jotter is now based on Rich Text and Users can, if they wish, format Text in
different Colors and sizes and Highlight text etc as required.
Files will now be saved by using Wordpad and need to be saved as RTF files.
TXT files created in a previous version can still be used as they are or they
can be Saved As an RTF file if formatting is required.

Filtered information displayed in the Viewer can now be spoken by
the Computer if required.

An odd thing to do

Do you ever wonder, like I do, when was the first time in human evolution that someone thought “I think I’ll Roll my Eyes at that”, that being what another human had just done or said”.

It’s such an Odd thing to do.