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I’m not a fan of so called reality programmes. I don’t feel superior to those that do enjoy them – anymore than I would enjoy feeling inferior to others in the way that royal grovellers must.

My reason for disliking these programmes is that their only justification seems to be to produce yet another CELEB. I may soon be the only non CELEB left in the UK so this could easily be jealousy on my part.

As you might expect, I do have a suggestion for a useful reality programme called “Justify your Cuntness”. ( A more generally acceptable title could be arrived at, i’m sure)

In this program, a group of children from ages five to ten would interrogate adults whose wages are an obscenity and ask them to explain – for example – why a it’s a good thing that a disk jockey can receive more than the combined salary of the medical team that saved the life of a child’s mother
Or why a footballer should be paid £150,000 a week when those that put their lives at risk every working day receive a pittance for their courage.

While not impossible – it’s difficult to lie to children in the same way that adults deceive each other and the approval or otherwise of the audience would play a part.
Glib phrases like going rates and limited earning opportunities and such would be pointless
because the Children wouldn’t understand them, so those with sufficient chutzpah to take part would really really have to take an honest look at how they see their contribution.
A beneficial by- product of all this might be, that among the Children, we’ll unearth someone with sufficient intelligence to sort BREXIT out by circa 2040 .

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