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Thin edge of the Wedge

In the UK, Councils in all areas have been charged with the task of reducing household waste. Initially, we were told that by co-operating we would be helping to save the planet. (And apart from Trump and Kim jong un – we’re probably all for that.)

The powers that be are not even pretending to believe that anymore. It’s purely about saving money, and of course, if we can save enough money then we won’t have to be too beastly to wonderful, benevolent employers like Amazon regarding their paying corporation tax or churlish about picking up the tab for the cost of repairs to our dear monarch’s Semi.

Only the very naive will believe ,that much, if any, of the money saved will be spent by a Tory government on the welfare of the needy.

Regarding the re-cycling specifics

People are employed by Councils on large salaries and Firms given lucrative contracts to come up with a workable plan.
From what I’ve seen in my local area, they’ve come up with nothing that a class of reasonably smart 10 year olds couldn’t equal, if given the task. I’m not saying that I could come up with a better plan, but then, I don’t receive a £100,000 salary for my mediocre brain.

Getting householders to do much of the work for nothing is a method shared by all councils. That was a great idea, although, I think the Romans and the Southern states had it first.

I think all householders should be aware that all of this probably won’t be these councils last territorial claims so to speak.
We may soon be requested (in the usual avuncular bullying way that councils have) to brush the road outside our homes as well.
Don’t think it won’t happen.

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