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What did you do in the BREXIT daddy?

It would be nice if someone like Jeremy Paxman, but, perhaps, a little less genial, would do a television interview with BoJo and Nige. and others of their ilk and ask them
“Just what the fuck did you think would happen”?
He might go on to ask_
Did you think that all our European neighbours find us Brits so cuddly and lovable that they find it difficult not to ejaculate whenever they think of us?
Did you think that the European union would just give us everything that we demanded and then say “Are you sure that’s enough?”
At precedent setting time, did you believe that Britain would be given a deal that would make any other nation disgruntled with the Europe deal, think hey! we’ll have some of that?

It’s been said that Trump was flabbergasted when he won the U.S. election.
He felt like that because he thought that more Americans knew he was a cunt than didn’t realise.
The best that can be said about Boris and co is that they didn’t think that they had a snowballs chance of winning the referendum.
I never thought that I could feel sorry for a Tory, but I do have some sympathy for Teresa May.
The kids have had their tantrum and held their breath and now they want the grown-ups to sort things out
It was once and perhaps unkindly said of the Irish, that they didn’t know what they wanted and were willing to die for it.
It could be more accurately said of these BREXIT zealots that they don’t know what they’ll settle for and are willing to fuck everything up for it.

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