Tightcannon - Freeware Software written by Mike Fletcher

1001 v 1.0


1001 is a game for fun that can also improve your Arithmatical skills and perhaps train your memory. 1001 can be played Singly or Competitively.Use the ConFig page to enter Player’s Names, to choose which type of Game and select a time to Play to if playingsingly. Easy Option allows numbers to be shown. If youdon’t choose it then you have to remember where theNumbers are – hence the memory training thing.Clicking the Randomizer button puts random numbers between 1 and 100 in the sixteen buttons.The object is to score a perfect 1001 using Addition and Subtraction. A Player can choose to Randomize a second time if they think it will improve their chance of success. In a Single Player game a clicked button is disabled for one go. A game ends when a player achieves the 1001 target, or time runs out or 99 clicks are recorded. In a Competitive Game Players choose numbers in turn. There is no time limit and a game can take as long as it takes. Qualifying achievements are included in the Best Games Board for posterity.


I have also designed the game for younger users, the game is 100 v 1 and the download link is available below.