Tightcannon - Freeware Software written by Mike Fletcher

Feel Good


When you’ve ensured that your Car has had Competent people working on it, when you know that you only use Top Quality Fuel and Oils etc, it makes you feel confident about that Car, It makes you Feel Good about it. Similarly, for other items that we own, from our Homes downward, we try to do what we can to keep them at the best they can be. This Program is an attempt to persuade people to Feel Good about their own Bodies by keeping a score of the good things and not so good things that they do to themselves. Honesty is obviously the best policy when using this Program. There would be no point otherwise.
The Program runs from Monday to Sunday each week and it is suggested that the User begins on a Monday. There are three scoring Grids namedHealthy Food, Indulgences and Exercises. You make choices in each grid in the same way. Click on the Maroon button at the bottom of the Grid and then Click into the appropriate Cell for the Day and the Item chosen. This will put a Y for Yes into the chosen Cell. You have to Click the Maroon Button each time you want to make a choice. At the end of the Week after you have made your Sunday choices you can Click on the Calculate Button on the Main Screen and total up your score. Each week your score will be added to the List on the Configure Page. You should aim to increase your Score each Week. Check that the score has been added to the List and then Click on the Main Screen Delete Button to clear the Grids for a fresh start on Monday. On the Configure Page – you can add or delete items from each List. Add your Items at the bottom of each List and they will be included and sorted Alphabetically the next time the Program is Started. As with any Program that you Add your own Input to, it is advised that you back-up the Folder each time time you do.

I hope that Feel Good works for you. Enjoy