Tightcannon - Freeware Software written by Mike Fletcher

Calorie Counting


Make your food choices from the provided lists. Meat/Poultry, Fruit/Vegetable, Bread/Dairy and Miscellaneous. Click on a food item to add the item’s associated Calorie and Fat contents. The Calorie and Fat Counters will reflect the choices made. The default is 100 grams per Food Item. Every choice made is added to the Dietlist. In Dietlist view the user can click on items to Deselect or Modify them. These Deselections/Modifications will be reflected by the Calorie and Fat counters.

The choices finally decided on can be Saved to Disk or printed out using Window’s Notepad. Note that Saving to Disk will overwrite the previously saved Dietlist. If you wish to save different DietLists for different days perhaps then choose Save As from Notepad’s File Menu and give the file an appropriate name. Modifying a Food item will Increase or Decrease the number of Grams and therefore the Calorie and Fat amounts.

To add your own items to the lists use the Editor and Add your items in the boxes provided and then click the Add Items to Lists button. Make sure that you add the Calorie and Fat contents in their boxes opposite the item. The Calorie and Fat content Must be for 100 grams of the item which is the default amount. To delete a Food Item just highlight it and Click on the Delete Button. The corresponding Calorie and Fat entries will automatically be removed at the same time.

Your additional items will be available for use when you leave the Editor.