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Downloads Fingerer 2.5


DownLoads Fingerer Version 2.5 Copyright © Mike Fletcher 1998-2015 TightCannon.co.uk
DownLoads Fingerer is not a replacement for your usual Browser. It is meant for using when you are Browsing FreeWare/ShareWare sites for programs to download. It’s been tested with some FreeWare sites that I use often and works fine with these sites. This is because these Sites Generally Store the Programs that they offer. The details of files downloaded won’t be saved from Sites that re-direct you to Author’s sites or wherever. Although they will be stored in your default Downloads folder. Play with it for a minute or two to see its capabilities and limitations Keep Track of DownLoaded Files. People often Download many files in a browsing session. They are often left for long periods before being Dealt with. Cryptic filenames like Kw677prt.zip give us no idea about what the file is for. Use DownLoad Fingerer to store details of the File when you DownLoad it. Such as… The name of the File. Where it was downloaded from. The Date and time it was downloaded. Finally a description of what the file is for which can be selected from a Dropdown list if applicable.

The File will be stored in this Program’s Folder. The saved information can be Searched and Edited. Right Click Records Page for Options to Highlight selected text and Modify Font Display etc. In this Version I’ve tried to automate the whole process as much as possible. Once the User has typed in a Web Address and visited the site its address will be stored in the WebSites dropdown list for future use. To Prune this List – Select an Item and hit Keyboard Delete key. Once a File has been downloaded click on Records to store its information automatically.

DownLoads Fingerer is FreeWare.
Enjoy and use at your own risk.
Mike Fletcher