Tightcannon - Freeware Software written by Mike Fletcher

Find a Use For


A Friend who owned a small business asked me to write this Program for his work needs, Since he no longer has need of it – It has now been modified slightly and given a name.

You are welcome to find any use for it that you can.

Its fairly intuitive and contains four lists which can be added to for any purpose of your own. Date and Time can be added if needed. You can either include text by typing into the edit box and then clicking the Add button or you can load a text file into any List.

loading a file will remove any items already present – Beware. Clicking on an item in a list does four things. Firstly, it displays the chosen text in the main window caption then it is read out and then is copied to the Clipboard for pasting etc. Finally, the selected item can be deleted with the DEL key.

In MemoPad view the Lists can be Edited as Required. Also in MemoPad view, a right click menu allows text to be enhanced somewhat. If you enhance it using Rich Font etc then your option is to click on the Print button which loads Wordpad. where you can print the file or choose Save As from the File Menu.

Back in Find a use for The Sort and Save buttons will remove any enhanced work done.

On the right click menu – save memo and restore memo will do what they suggest. My advice is if you think this program can be of use to you then have a play around with it first to see what it can and can’t do.