Tightcannon - Freeware Software written by Mike Fletcher

High Low


High Low is a Game that can train your Memory and Test your Persistence in Building a High Score. When the Randomizer Button is Clicked, the 16 Buttons are assigned a Value between 1 and 100 The Displayed Target number begins at Zero. The Game is played by Selecting a Higher and a Lower number in turn that is Higher or Lower than the Target number. Each time your choice then becomes the Target number. Each successful choice add the number’s value to your score. If your choice equals the Target number then the number’s value is taken from your Score.

14 of the Buttons have three lives so if they are clicked a fourth time then the Score is Halved and the number’s value is deducted. The other two Buttons, randomly chosen each time, have only two lives and one life respectively while imposing the same Penalty For a Score to be Eligible for the Best_Games board a game player must record at least 36 Clicks. Before starting a Game, go to the Config page and enter your name and choose a time limit and playing Mode. Easier mode means the the Button numbers are visible, while Brainiac mode means they are not. In Brainiac mode a Player has to remember where each number is once they’ve clicked it – hence the Memory Training thing. Of course, a Player could jot the numbers down somewhere, but that would defeat the object and Deprive them of that sense of achievement.

Obviously, the first 10 scores will gain entry to the Best_Games board. After that, building an Eligible score becomes much more challenging.


Mike Fletcher