Tightcannon - Freeware Software written by Mike Fletcher

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This is a quick attempt at a Home Inventory program. The only claim I make for my programs, is that they are basically easy to use. Hope you Agree. To Add Items – Type or Click Text into the Supplied Boxes for Cost, Date, Item and Location Then click the Add button to Save your input. Lists are Saved Automatically. In View Full List Information can be Searched. Filter Item and Filter Location do pretty much as suggested. The Chart will show up to 25 filtered items/Locations Charts can be Printed out once they are Created. Execute your Filter of choice and then click on Chart tab to Create it. Individual items in lists can be deleted by highlighting them and hitting the keyboard delete key. You will need to do this for the three lists that contain the information you wish to delete these are View Full List, Filter Items and Filter Commodity Whole Lists can be deleted by right clicking any black results box and making a choice from a menu. Use with Care. Lists can be modified on the Print Page. Use with Care. Again the three lists should be modified to match up. If reasonable care is taken when adding items then deletions
and Modifications should rarely if ever be needed. Information can be printed out using Window’s Notepad. Home Contents is Freeware.
Enjoy and Use at your own risk.