Tightcannon - Freeware Software written by Mike Fletcher



New- InfoOnDisk 5.5 is a program to store information about what our data CDs/DVDs contain although it could be used for storing information generally. Be aware that it doesn’t burn or erase disks. The help provides more information. Now 90% re-written to get rid of a couple of bugs in previous version and even easier to use.

Added in this version

In Browse view – any file can be opened by its associated program.
DoubleClick to do this.
Also, the name of any file can be spoken by the Computer.
Example of Use
This option is used by a partially blind friend to hear what MP3 file he has
selected before double clicking to play it.

A checkbox named Select has been added in Store View.
Choose it rather than the Enable box to Select just the files you want to
add to the Memo and then click the Append button.