Tightcannon - Freeware Software written by Mike Fletcher

InStalled Programs


Offices and Many Homes have Computers in the plural these days. This Utility displays which Programs areinstalled on different Computers and allows a recordto be kept for each machine if required.Clicking the Browse button will display a list ofPrograms installed on the Computer. Select anappropriate Cell in the Grid and click an item in thedisplayed list. this will copy the program name tothe chosen cell.. Click outside of chosen cellto view. Do this for each item you wish to store.

The right click menu allows changing Colours andthe Editing of Column Titles.Click Edit Titles On/Off to Modify Titles thenclick again to reset. Click on Insert Row or Delete Row to Insert/Delete Row where required. Both the Help panel and List Panel can be move by dragging their Borders. Once this Program is installed on the first Computer – and a Record created – it is suggested that the Program’s Folder is copied to a USB stick to run on the other Computers. This will enable information for all your Computers to be kept together. Text Type files can be opened and information copied as explained above. Lists can be Searched. The Grid can be Searched. The Grid can be Cleared – Use with Care.

A last minute addition is the option to browse to any folder and Display its contents. To do this – click on Open and browse to required Folder. Select any file – this is just done to create a path to the Folder. Then click the Folder Button to Display the Folder contents.
Text type files in the List can be DoubleClicked to Display their Content in NotePad. Folder paths are saved for future use. The Program is designed for keeping information about Computers but could probably be used for many other purposes. Installed Programs is FreeWare.