Tightcannon - Freeware Software written by Mike Fletcher

Life’s Battle


Version 1.0
Copyright © Mike Fletcher

Life’s Battle calculates how many Days you have lived since your Birth and refers to them as Rounds in Life’s Battle.
These Days/Rounds are displayed along with Weeks and Months involved.
The program also displays the actual day of birth of the birthdate.
Enter your date of birth in the prescribed way in the Birthdate box and then DoubleClick the box to add the Birthdate to the dropdown list if required.

The program can also be used to calculate how many days etc to a future date.

A built-in Jotter allows the User to enter their Campaign strategies such as trumping Trump, pissing off Putin etc.

There is a 4 digit Pin number function to provide a measure of privacy.

As with any program that requires User input -Back up the folder on a regular basis.