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Mike Fletcher

In this Version of SHOWBOARD – All lists can add Items by Appending Text Type Files. In include view – check the List(s) that you wish to add the files contents to and then browse to the required File and select it. Lists can now be easily edited. In Search/Edit view – choose a list to edit and then right click for Editor. Click Save button to keep your changes or hit escape key to dismiss Editor without saving. Individual Items in Lists can now be Edited by DoubleClicking their Text in the Status Bar. Alternatively, start the Items Editor by clicking List area then by holding Ctrl key and pressing i Items can be dragged to different positions in Their Lists.

Items can be Marked as DONE or PENDING or whatever the User May require by making a choice from the Dropdown (Dropup) list on the INCLUDE Page. This list can be Added to for Lists Items or Marked text which should be enclosed like so SHOWBOARD can be Covered ( ALT+C ) and Password protected to a Basic level. Each Selected Item can now be automatically copied to the Clipboard for whatever purpose. the User may have. (If Required) The Configure page now provides options to choose a Font and change Text Colour and Background Colour of Lists.

Also, on Configure page – a list of recently Appended files is Maintained. These can be Copied then Pasted into the Append File Dialog box. Use Configure to Rename the Lists to something more Meaningful if required. Text size can also be Changed here . Click the Include tab to start adding the information that is important to you. Once you have added as many items as you wish in the Include List – you can move an item to another list by checking its box on the Right hand side. For Example- Checking the Show checkbox and then clicking on an Item in the Include list would place that Item in the Show List. This is all far easier to do than to explain and I’m sure that it won’t be a problem for any User. The idea is that the Show List would be filled with Items of Current interest. The other lists could be used for whatever. A Location list perhaps to keep check on where everything is kept. A Health list for Medications and Appointments. A List for Bills and other Financial obligations. All Items can be logged before Deleting them from Lists All Lists and Log can be Searched and Printed. It’s not always convenient or Great Fun to enter information into a Computer but it can make life so much easier when we are organised. It goes without saying that Entries should be backed up Regularly.

Hope it Proves Useful


Mike Fletcher