Tightcannon - Freeware Software written by Mike Fletcher



Clicking on a Date in the Calendar will open a Jotter with the Date and Day included. An Appointment time can be chosen from a dropdown list and up to three lines of text can be added. If for example the Program User needs only one line then the Program will add a # as a placeholder for each unused line. These should not be deleted (but can be replaced by text) as they serve a purpose and do not display when the Jotter is Filtered for information.

23/08/2018 Wednesday
13:30 PM
Line of Text 1
Line of Text 2
Line of Text 3
25/08/2018 Friday
16:30 PM
Line of Text 1
Line of Text 2
31/08/2018 Thursday
Line of Text 1

And so on – do not include blank lines between entries. They will be automatically deleted. If an actual time is not needed click on [TIME] in the dropdown list to use as a placeholder. All this helps in accuracy of Filters.

Once some information has been included in the Jotter it can be Filtered as required. Right clicking the Calendar displays a Menu which includes Filters for Selected date and each of the seven days also, the Menu includes a Help item and an Editor to enable the adding of lines to the Jotters dropdown list.

Right clicking the Status bar enables Months to be similarly filtered. When the Jotter grows in size, right clicking its top bar displays an option to Search its contents or Highlight a selected line. Panels can be moved as desired by selecting their Borders.

SimplesCalendar is Freeware


Added to Version 1.6

Filters can now be made on Week Numbers and Years as well. The Relevant Week Number is inserted automatically when a date is clicked on.

It should be pointed out that when editing the Jotter that the Lines that contain the Week number, Date and Day shouldn’t be altered or Added to by the program User.

Jotter text and Filters made can be Printed out or SavedAs using Notepad. Always use SaveAs rather than Save for this purpose.

A filename can be 11 characters or less. Suggested for conformity is something like NOV_2017 and WEEK46_2017 or similar.


Added to Version 2.0

The Jotter is now based on Rich Text and Users can, if they wish, format Text in different Colors and sizes and Highlight text etc as required.

Files will now be saved by using Wordpad and need to be saved as RTF files.

TXT files created in a previous version can still be used as they are or they can be Saved As an RTF file if formatting is required.

Filtered information displayed in the Viewer can now be spoken by the Computer if required.

In general, it is advised to choose Yes to save the Jotter when the light blue label displays JOTTER as its caption and otherwise choose No.

A User requested the facility to include the Date and Time that an Entry was made. This has been included. It could be inserted say, instead of a Date from the Dropdown list or perhaps as one of the three text lines.

Users can now use the Month/Year display at middle top to move speedily through Calendar.