Tightcannon - Freeware Software written by Mike Fletcher



Version 1.0
Copyright © Mike Fletcher

TODO_LOU is a simple program to help keep track of Tasks to do and Tasks done.
Tasks can be added to the TODO_LIST in two ways, either by entering text in the bottom left
Edit box and clicking Add button or clicking the Browse button in Configure view and selecting
a text file to add. In either case, the Text entered will be prefixed with the current Date.

Recent Addition – Tasks can also be added to TODO_LIST from contents of Configure Memo.

Items in the TODO_LIST can be dragged up or down as required.

A remark can be added to an item by selecting from the Remarks list and then double-clicking
the Selected item. Right click the TODO_LIST and choose to Move item to DoneList .
This will send the item to the DoneList with the done by Date and Time added.

The Actual Task done, the Date in and the Date out can all be Filtered in the Sessions View.

In Configure view a Memo is used to display Filtered text etc which can be Searched and
Printed . Users can add to the included Remarks with whatever Text they need.

The Session list can have Session info and or Blank lines wiped – either permanently or temporarily.

As with any program that needs User input – Regular Back-up is recommended.