Tightcannon - Freeware Software written by Mike Fletcher



Version 2.0
Copyright © Mike Fletcher

TODO_LOU is a simple program to help keep track of Tasks to do and Tasks done.
Tasks can be added to the TODO_LIST in two ways, either by entering text in the bottom left
Edit box and clicking Add button or clicking the Browse button in Configure view and selecting
a text file to add. In either case, the Text entered will be prefixed with the current Date.

Basic PassWord protection is now provided. Our advice, as always, is never keep any info on a Computer, that could cause you Personal or Financial distress.

DUE BY date is now added to the IN ON date and the DONE BY date. This allows a new Reminders board to Display all TODO Items due on the next day.

A new menu option for printing Selected Items.

The TODO_LIST can now be Searched in Situ.

The program has been copiously hinted which should make it easy to follow. An example of how an entry should look follows:

IN ON 25/06/2016 DUE BY 29/06/2016 PICK UP JOANNA AT AIRPORT
To do this – just type your reminder in the yellow edit box, then right click the TODO_LIST and select Set Due By date, choose a date and click on OK, finally, clicking on the Add button will include the IN ON +Current date part.

Alternatively, Type in a list of reminders in the Configure Memo
Fix Uncle Joe’s Computer
Take Keys to Contracter
Check Holiday Cottage
Do Tax returns

…and so on

Then go to TODO_LIST and from the right click menu choose Add From Configure Memo. The TODOs will be included along with the IN ON date. Finally right click each of the Items and set their DUE BY date as before.